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How to dry shoes : You must fill them up with newspaper, do the laces up and put them in a warm room far from the radiator (about 1.5 m away). Every 5 or 6 hours, you should change the newspaper and refill the shoes up. When they are finally dry, brush them dynamically with a hard brush. Then:
  • Waxing on smooth leather
  • Make up remover on the nubuck
  • Bee wax for furniture on greased leather

# Leather shoes

Dust and mud must be taken off with a brush every day. One in a while, you should apply some neutral or coloured wax.

# varnished shoes

No waxing, but only a humid rag to take of the dust and make the outside shine.

# Denim shoes

They are easier to take care of than we think. We can clean them with a slightly wet rag and a bit of soap. If there are any stains, glass paper is fine, a small brush or a piece of rubber.

# Canvas shoes

It’s better if you don’t clean them in the washing machine. You should never put the shoe entirely in the water, because the glue and the fabric can be dissolved. In that case, its better to brush them with a humid rag and a bit of soap.
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