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Choosing your shoe

12-14 months, I almost walk...

A delicate choice. Now, more than ever, shoes must be carefully chosen because they are fundamental to allow the child to gain security and confidence to make his first steps. The toddler is starting to explore the world that surrounds him by himself and a good pair of shoes will surely be useful.
The ideal shoes should be rising on the child's ankle to offer a good support without tightening the foot and to avoid the shoes being removed too easily, as it could occur with low and unsuitable shoes for the child's small and clumsy feet. Another fundemental characteristic:the contact of the shoes with the toddler's sensitive skin will have to be particularly gentle, without being too loose. Wide and flexible soles at the top of the shoe and supported on the heels will guarantee an optimum grip on the ground. As for the shoe material used, they are better off being natural and soft, such as leather or simply fabric. Of course, new materials are fine as long as they are flexible and airy.

P'tit Cricket's staff

Velcro, shoe laces or straps?

Velcro shoes are a good option as they are easily put on or taken off, but be careful, your child will quickly find out how to undo them withou your help! If your child is still young, it is preferable to use shoe laces or straps. These two options allow a very precise fastening of the shoe and which will then adapt to any chubby or still growing foot.

15 months- 5 years old, small wild feet

Experience suggests flexible but robust rods, as well as flexible soles, who protect from the roughness of the ground, made with practical and safe closures. Compared to the first steps period, the foot is more slender and the form of the shoe is well adapted to it.
The continuous movements of the feet and the frequent passage from inside to outside of the shoe lead to increasing sweating: shoes must make the process of breathing (feet) easier. In particular, the inside sole must be chosen with care and must be made out of natural materials which lets the skin breathe.

6-10 years old. I’m the one who chooses, like a grown up

At school, during sport, on a walk…The opportunities to use shoes increase and they must guarantee flexibility and resistance. Comfortable rods, indestructible soles. The aspect of the shoe has also its importance, especially for little girls. But fashion details must never make the wellbeing of the foot be neglected: PTIT CRICKET renews its store every season, for any age, by combining the latest trends with a lot of attention to very high quality.
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