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P’tit Cricket … The shoe specialist for kids

From the sandal to the top boot going through classical or street shoes, P’TIT CRICKET proposes you a range of styles from the size 17 to 40.
The boutique offers a tremendous choice of shoes, slippers and socks. Always attentive to the client, our trained staff welcomes you and advises you in a funny atmosphere with sparkling colors.

Baby foot will grow in security

As our children love fashion for the feet too, since young age, the parents have to find a solution stood between trend, comfort and quality to secure a good step in their children’s life.
Then, for the teenagers, “the best of the best”. That is certainly what they need to start with a good 1st -step.
With this philosophy, P’TIT CRICKET works with traditional shoe-makers who give all their experience to provide long life, hygienic and comfortable products. Our partners study the child posture and adapt the form to the step of the growth from baby to growing up position.














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